Monday, 27 October 2008

Sylvia (October 26)

Day 42

The next morning Chuck & Bev made me sausage gravy with biscuits (like scones) and peppery eggs. I asked if I could stay another night and they were happy to have me. We went out for a bike ride, but as it was along trails, they lent me one of their mountain bikes, while they rode a mountain tandem. They had a road tandem too and a whole bunch of other bikes. They were bicycle crazy, wore matching gear and had a bicycle forks-shaped toilet roll dispenser. They had started riding across the States from San Francisco last summer and had reached Nevada when Bev lost her wallet, and by this time Chuck was homesick too, so they decided to call it a day. We went on a ten mile tour round the Quivira Nature Reserve, right on their doorstep, during which the wind raged from the north, chilling us to the bone. I saw a couple of garter snakes, decoy ducks and other water fowl too far away to make out.

The rest of the day was spent eating and relaxing, with a grey cat by name of Puddin' glued to my lap; but then I had cycled a week's worth in four days, so I guess it was time for a rest. We watched trashy TV, drank beer, and both lunch and dinner featured venison (burgers and chili). So far I've only watched TV in motel rooms, when channel-hopping has been my modus operandi; however, today I realised how many and how often ads are repeated here. There was one interesting Obama one in which there is footage of McCain saying he has supported Bush in 90% of his policies. What a dumbass. Obviously it's old, but didn't he think saying such a thing might come back to haunt him? Both Chuck & Bev are voting for Ralph Nader this year, and mainly because he is not one of the main candidates it seems, as they believe the big two are only in it to line their pockets.

When I went to bed there were four cats on there to squeeze in between. Missed Bev in the morning, as she had to be out by 7 to get to Hutchison for her classes in time. Chuck cooked up some bacon and eggs, then I was ready for the road.


bruce said...

Glad to hear you got in a rest day Adrian! Sounds like you needed it.

Enjoying keeping up with your adventures.

Bruce in Idaho

Adrian said...

Thanks Bruce!