Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Adrian in Adrian

T minus 20 days.

Yesterday was a rest day and I sent a gazillion emails to newspapers up and down this country and in The States. The object being to try and interest one or two of them into running a regular feature on my trip. I don’t suppose any will even reply, but here’s hoping. I’ve received an email from someone looking for a game in Adrian, Oregon! “I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been to me…” as the song has it.

I went to my local bike shop for a few bits and bobs. While I was there I asked this fresh-faced whippersnapper if he could reset my mileometer, which he had fitted a few weeks ago. I’m not very good with technical stuff. Well, anything practical really. Yes, I know, I could break down in the middle of nowhere… I couldn’t work out how to zero the distance reading, even after studying the huge foldout information sheet for about an hour. I couldn’t understand it one bit and ended up staring at it in the hope that the answer would suddenly jump out. Anyway, this young boy pressed a couple of buttons and I was zeroed.

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