Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Queensland & quids

T minus 19 days.

Another rest day on Tuesday and gazillions of people wrote to me, mostly via the Pixiepit online Scrabble site, where the Webmaster had very kindly posted a banner requesting more players in certain states. However, quite a few of these live in other states, such as Alabama and Alaska. I even received a reply from a lady in Queensland! More info hot off the press from my namesake in Oregon, where my correspondent, a lady by the name of Edna, informs me “…the only eatery serves a great prime rib on Fridays”. Will alter my schedule accordingly. Yum!

My Mum just mailed me a zip-up thing for important documents to wear on your person. In addition to the bum bag/fanny pack I already have, this is more of a "belly bag". She has also suggested taking a second (fake) wallet to give away if asked to do so by a ne’er do well (apparently there are a few of these in a land of mostly lovely people). However, I don’t even have a first wallet.

Talking of things financial, bad news with the dollar making a comeback against the pound, so I won’t be as quids in as expected.

But I finish with the good news that a reporter from the Scottish Sunday Express wants to interview me for this Sunday’s paper. Read all about it!

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