Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I have decided to keep a blog about my forthcoming cycle ride across America. I fly from Glasgow to Seattle on September 15th and return (fingers crossed) from Charleston, South Carolina, on November 29th. I have worked out a rough route on Google Maps and if it can be done (or someone can help me please!) I will upload a live, interactive map of my journey. According to this the total mileage will be 3,757 miles (give or take a few hundred).

Why then am I doing this? Several years ago I had a yen to ride my bike around the coastline of Scotland. I mulled it over and then hit upon marrying what would what be a lonely, physical activity, with another of my keen interests, the sociable, cerebral activity of Scrabble. I contacted Scrabble clubs all over the country and hey presto, in July 2006, I cycled a vague perimeter of Scotland, some 1,356 miles in 23 days, and had a fantastic time. I played my favourite board game with 22 people and one sheep. It had been a great way to meet nice people and to see the country. It was even sunny and dry for most of the journey!

The following year, England was not so kind, as it rained a lot during Scrabble Travel II, in June 2007. It was still a great trip though, and (my laptop has just been delivered as I type this!) with a similar distance another country was conquered.

Although I kept notes, with the intention of turning my experiences into books... I was unable to secure a publishing deal, and put them on the back burner. Hello to any lovely publishers reading this! However, I will make a more concerted effort to attract publicity for my US adventure, as it will be more exciting and I will be talking politics, what with the upcoming election taking place while I'm there.

I have attached photos from the Scottish trip and there are hundreds more from both trips at (login : zoz261, password : silvery).

Next stop, America. Bring it on!

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