Friday, 22 August 2008

Fuzzy Friday

T minus 24 days.

Happy birthday Dad. He’s 70 today.

So, I did the requisite 60 miles yesterday and it was easy peasy. Not feeling so chipper this morning though. It’s my (puffy) eyes and (woozy) brain that seem to take the brunt of it. However, I’m not a morning person and it will pass. It better had because I’m doing it all again today. And my God what a day! Sunny and in the sixties (warm for Scotland). The leaves on the sycamore tree in the back yard, which I’m overlooking as I type this in my bedroom, are as still as a photograph. Yesterday I journeyed east, via Bellshill, Newhouse, Salsburgh, Shotts and the delightfully named Climpy. Thirty miles took me just the other side of Forth (nothing to do with the Firth of Forth) for a breather in a pine forest, before heading back into the Westerly wind, which was all mouth and trousers. Today I’m heading northish, to the bonny, bonny banks of Loch Lomond.

Well, I haven’t had much of a response from American newspapers, radio stations and bike shops – although one bike shop has invited me in for “Scrabble and cold beer”. I can’t figure out how to set up the wireless connection for my new laptop either. Oh well, upwards and onwards…

Here's a music video featuring Scrabble : Well worth watching. Honest!

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Carol in Scottsdale said...

Hey, it's Carol from Arizona! What a great blog. You will do well in the U.S. Sell you bike in South Carolina in November! By the way, do you have the software for wi-fi? I had to convert a laptop yesterday to wi-fi, and I used software, a Smart Card and CD. I'll let you know more about the cards later! I started a gmail account, because this site would not recognize my Cox email address. Weird!