Monday, 25 August 2008

Smoking hot tennis

T minus three weeks.

Cycled 52 miles to Helensburgh for a game of tennis with my friend Agneta. The first two thirds of this route is along a cycle path, but the last part is a particularly nasty road. It’s fast and furious, yet it’s a bit narrow for two cars to pass each other and a bike at the same time. So, I’ve hit upon this wheeze of riding a couple of feet out from the kerb, thereby forcing vehicles to wait until there’s a space in the oncoming traffic before passing me. It works, although in a slightly scary fashion. On quiet roads I’ve started practicing cycling on the right, in preparation for America!

Agneta and I only played one set because she was feeling tired. During our game the weather went from cold, to wet, to hot and then cold again, all in the space of half an hour. Then back to her place for linguini bolognese, apple & blackberry crumble, beer, wine, whisky, coffee and marzipan. Oh yes, and three cigarettes. I don’t smoke, except at Agneta’s, as she smokes and I’m easily led. I always promise myself I won’t succumb, especially as I’m in training, but never manage it. Still able to ride home with ease and feel tip top today.

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