Wednesday, 10 September 2008


T minus 5 days...

I wish I’d taken to my bike yesterday afternoon as planned, as it brightened up in the pm. Stupid weathermen forecasting rain all day… I ask you. Although, it was because of this extra time at home that I visited What a groovy site! It’s for thrifty types like me to cadge accommodation. Perusing this site had been on my “to do” list for months, but had been shelved because I imagined it would be amateurish and full of oddballs. It’s actually quite slick, with maps covering the world, info on the hosts, even photos of them! So, I devised a profile and started searching in states like Idaho and Utah, (where Scrabblers are thin on the ground) and sent messages about my trip to individuals on my route. One of them wrote back within minutes, not only offering her sofa, but also up for a game! Later, others replied too, and one has invited me to a football match!

Then I went to a pub quiz where one of the questions was “What tin causes more accidents in the kitchen than any other tinned product?”

Today I did leap astride my silver stallion and together we wended our way amidst the gossamer-gilded hills of early autumn. Season of mellow fruitfulness and all that. No matter how striking the scenery is Stateside, I’ll still miss this soft Scotch variety. I won’t shed a tear over Glasgow however, with its air of menace and filthy streets. All this city is to me is a collection of conveniently placed amenities. I had a ridiculously early business appointment 20+ miles to the north of Glasgow, where the lady in question had requested I visit her at 10 am. This meant getting up at 7.20 am, a time I am not well acquainted with. To make matters worse, she wasn’t even there. I was placated a little with a cup of good, strong coffee, and a whole lot further when a junior member of staff was duly rustled up to deal with me in her boss’s absence, who just happened to be stunning. Then on to Buchlyvie (Buchhh-livvy) for another spot of work, on the way back from which I saved a life! (A furry caterpillar in the road.)

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Rookery said...

Adrian - your trip sounds so exciting! Nahele and I, you may call me Rookery (Rook for short) can't wait to meet you! Better layer up though, chum, as when you finally pull through to the Show-Me State, the weather will be showin' YOU its mean side, I expect. Here in the big middle, we HAVE seen 70s in November, but more likely you'll be freezin' yer haggis off, mate! Anyway, you could also check out, similar to couchsurfing but for cyclists only. Also, we're busily trying to "freak up" for you, as you mentioned wanting to meet some of America's weirder element, and we are proud to be the Master & Mistress of our very own House of Ill Repute, infamous among our friends! Much weirdness & debauchery on request, and the rest of the time as a daily regimen! But we love Scrabble too, and we're the good kind of warm, fuzzy freaks! Be safe, and stay warm, dude! Be sure to call us when you're in our state if you need any help at all, don't be a stranger - here in the Bible Belt, you can't get much stranger than us anyway! Good Luck! ;={D