Saturday, 13 September 2008


T minus 2 days...

Yesterday I finally got round to accessing the internet on my new laptop in a café with wi fi. This is a big achievement for me and I was very pleased with myself. Just to make sure it was working properly, I sent an email from one account to another. You see, this technological world is hocus pocus to me. I am not competent with new technology, including digital cameras, of which I have one and am planning to take hundreds of photos. I am not competent at fixing bikes either. Actually come to mention it, I’m not a particularly competent cyclist or Scrabble player… Or am I losing faith in my abilities at the eleventh hour?

Talking of bike fixing, the super duper service came to £148. Yes, I should have bought a new bike in Seattle… It felt great though – tight as a nut. I’m now the proud possessor of three extra gears as well! Neil (the man at the bike shop) also gave me a tub of cream to put on my bottom.

Golden light plucked at the old heartstrings this afternoon; polishing up the cream and red sandstone tenements, and the heathery hills. Do I really want to leave this beautiful country for such a long time? Maybe I’ll stay home; play online Scrabble with my opponents instead, while riding a static bike in the gym. Much safer. The lustrous light also picked out the locals in all their gaudy detail, including a very pregnant woman smoking. No, I’m off to America; land of the free; where everyone is wholesome as apple pie.

Here’s a few messages I received yesterday :

You were not REJECTED--this is our first vacation in two years - You should still go to Adrian - You should eat breadkast (sic) - or whatever - at the local eatery - put your scrabble board out and I bet you get a game.

I travel as a touring cyclist regularly, sometimes alone, have done three coast to coast trips across the USA, and have logged many thousands of miles with nary a negative event -- well, except for two flat tires! I have yet to meet the projected wierdos that are always being conjured up by those who would limit my adventuring. But, I also don't frequent bars or casinos as I saw "Thelma and Louise". The one persistent threat to cyclists the world over is automobile traffic and that is usually my only great concern. I do hope your Mom is able to have peace of mind about your travel here. I/we have been hopsitably welcomed all over the country.

Well, I'm not a great scrabble player or good at sex, but I enjoy both. I want to challenge you to scrabble. I think you'd kick my ass at sex, and at least I have a chance at scrabble. Hehehehehe.......I have a sister who loves to play too, although I i'm better at sex than she is. (just joking) At any rate, I'm in Rock Springs, Wyoming USA. If I don't answer please leave a message on either phone as I work evenings, but will stay awake to verbally abuse you! (so long as the abuse I use is listed in an official scrabb dictionary). Sorry, I don't mean to be so off the cuff, but us Irishmen have this "Scottish" issue.....hehehehehehe........

I think that last one is tongue in cheek, but don’t worry Mum, I won’t take the risk.

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