Thursday, 4 September 2008

No Adrian in Adrian

T minus 11 days...

I’ve never been to me and I won’t be going there any time soon either. Edna in Adrian, Oregon, cannot play me on September 28th, as it is her wedding anniversary thereabouts and her husband of (almost) 49 years has booked a holiday for the two of them at the coastal town of Newport, which I’m guessing they don’t go to very often, seeing as it’s 535 miles down the highway. This resort is within the same state, which gives an indication of the enormity of this country. I don’t know how going to a beach for a few days could prove a more attractive proposition to playing Scrabble with yours truly though…

Received some more niggling news in the shape of this email from a prospective opponent in Pueblo, Colorado :

Hello Adrian

I was concerned when I read your blog today....I only hope you are prepared for the altitude. We are at about 4700 feet and you will be coming down when you get here.....and it is all downhill from here. I mentioned on the phone that the weather can be very unpredictable in the fall...I have lived here three years and there has always been a storm, in Oct, between here and Denver that shuts down roads for a day or so. You may have to be prepared to alter your schedule. As for altitude, drink lots of water, rest when adjusted to the change. Dress in layers and be prepared for the cold
and wind...there can be very strong winds. I am starting to sound like your mother....but feel free to ask any of us you have made plans with if you have any questions or concerns.

Good luck....Patricia

On a more positive note, I averaged 14.3 mph yesterday on a trip to Irvine on the west coast, via Nitshill, Roughmussel, Lugton and Burnhouse. Who is responsible for these place names?

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