Tuesday, 9 September 2008


T minus 6 days...

When I tell people about my trip for the first time they always ask, “Are you looking forward to it?” and “Are you excited?” I have problems with those kinds of questions, especially when the thought of it has just popped into their head and I've nursed it for years. I’m trying to rustle up some enthusiasm, really I am. It’s just that it feels like “work” at the moment, as all I seem to do these days is rifle through reams of paper and wade through an email in-tray that can never be wrung dry.

However, I know that once this thing is actually set in motion; once I’m set in motion; get a couple of days of proper cycling under my belt, start moving across the map, play a few games of Scrabble, that yes, my whole being will be quivering with feverish excitement. Well, just a little bit – come on I’m a reserved Brit after all.

Look at the lovely sentiments from some of my prospective opponents :

Good to hear from you Adrian. I’m looking forward to buying you dinner and playing a game. I may bring a couple of kids along – perhaps my wife too. Forgive us if we pick your brain a little about Scotland. My ancestors are from there, although I have not ever been there.


Adrian, Good luck on your trip. Will see you in the beginning of November. Be safe and when you are coming to my house and if it gets to late and dark call me and I can pick you up from the trail. Will have food for you. Will check your blog for your progress.


No troubles on the early arrival, just as long as you let me have my coffee and “This American Life” radio show in peace and quiet (10 - 11 am) – my mother tends to call, knowing I am home, but I don’t answer at that time.
I have racked my brains trying to think of folks I know on your route, but you are traveling unknown territory to me. I however, have no doubt you will meet people on your trip, especially if you set up your board on the side of the road and wait...

See you soon.


It’s raining today, so instead of training as planned, I might just sit here at this old computer and get started on an itinerary.

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