Monday, 8 September 2008

Sunday Post

T minus 1 week...

Everyone I speak to in the States tell me it’s blue skies and in the 70s where they are. Here it continues cold and overcast, with interludes of rain and wind. However, I enjoy the changing seasons, with their different moods and scents, and it definitely feels like autumn now. One of the things I like about this time of year, apart from the quality of light (when there is sunshine) and the freshness of the air, is the pale blue strip of sky above the horizon in early morning and late afternoon. It has a golden quality, as if lit from behind, and it never fails to warm my heart.

I’m so pleased with Euan Duguid (do you think he might be Scottish?) as he is
the reporter from The Sunday Post and he did indeed do good putting together this fantastic article, covering a whole page (apart from an advert for “waist-reducing stay-dry briefs”). Look at the time the photographer went to cutting around my silhouette, even though we went all the way to the park for nothing? Euan has created a most excellent word in “scrabulous”, which I’m going to start using now. He only made one mistake about the deep-fried pizza incident spawning from Coalburn, when it was in fact Lesmahagow. Coalburnians will be up in arms, especially if their chippie doesn’t fry pizza! But I’m nit-picking; it’s still a scrabulous piece of work.

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